Month: June 2021


Mehrunisa is the story of a battle. A dream that comes true and two people who will see their lives finally change forever. And above all, two different generations who discover they have much more in common than it might initially seem. At the Diagonale 2021.


Hands kneading dumplings, an entire family gathered around the table to cook, food being prepared with love and bringing everyone together. Just as oriental cinema has always shown us. And again, views of Shanghai and Beijing from above – cities that have suffered much over the years and where the consequences of war are still evident – but also the wide streets and parks of the Austrian capital. All this is Weiyena – Ein Heimatfilm. At the Diagonale 2021.


Lights, colours, extravagant costumes and highly paradoxical situations become the trademark of this precious and unique Canale Grande. Friederike Pezold is not afraid to dare, to have her say, to ‘shout’ her anger – always with a welcome touch of irony and humour – against today’s society, against a latent chauvinism and against what the world of telecommunications has become. At the Diagonale 2021.


On the occasion of the 24th Diagonale in Graz, the Franz Grabner Award, consisting of €5,000 each, was awarded today in the categories of film documentary and TV documentary. The award was established by the Grabner family, AAFP, Film Austria, ORF and the Diagonale in memory of ORF journalist Franz Grabner (1955-2015). The prize is awarded for the filmmakers’ ethically and morally responsible and credible approach to their works.