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La Diagonale’21 si svolge a Graz dall’8 al 13 giugno. Sotto l’etichetta Canale Diagonale, il festival del cinema austriaco fornisce un’ampia offerta digitale accanto alle proiezioni al cinema a Graz: Diagonale für die Bundesländer – Hommagen, Talente, Höhepunkte. Source: press release.

Many online stories

In conjunction with the festival week, the streaming portals Flimmit and KINO VOD CLUB will offer dedicated collections with different focuses and a digital ticket office from June 11. Canale Diagonale’s digital offer will be complemented by exclusive online previews of films in competition on the FM4 and Ö1 websites and live broadcasts of festival events. This year, for the first time, the Diagonale award ceremony will also be broadcast as an ad-hoc show: the Große Diagonale-Preisrevue, conceived and realised by Sebastian Brauneis, can be watched on Sunday evening in the livestream of the Kleine Zeitung, on the FM4 website, on TVthek (ORFIII) as well as on air at 00.10.

Home cinema, festival all over Austria!

Some excerpts of the Canale Diagonale offerings can be found below, the entire selection of films will be announced during programme presentations on May 27 in Graz (10:30 a.m., Schubertkino) and May 28 in Vienna (9:00 a.m., Meissl & Schadn). The programme of the Diagonale’21 will be available online from May 28 at 1 p.m.


Austrian cinema in all its splendour: new films, young talents, award winners. In a month-long online festival, following a subscription, the ORF streaming platform will show exclusive programmes of short films, a special programme on the internationally renowned director Jessica Hausner, to whom the Diagonale is dedicating this year’s retrospective Zur Person, as well as extensive tributes to the current winners of the Great Diagonale Acting Award, Christine Ostermayer (2021) and Ursula Strauss (2020). The highlights of the Diagonale will thus be made available for the first time on a broader level throughout Austria, in all nine federal states, with award-winning films such as Coming of Age (D: Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl, AT 2011), Fly away home (D: Mirjam Unger, AT 2016), Hotel (D: Jessica Hausner, AT/DE 2004) as well as a current programme of short films with all kinds of works.

With Genosse Tito, ich erbe (D: Olga Kosanović, AT/DE 2021), Flimmit presents a short documentary recently awarded the Nachwuchspreis at the renowned Internationalen Kurzfilmtagen Oberhausen. The Diagonale’21 entry is part of a section dedicated to the younger generation of Austrian cinema: Olga Kosanović will one day inherit her grandparents’ house in Serbia. For part of the family who fled to Vienna during the Yugoslav war, accepting this inheritance means more than an exchange of property. With her grandparents, mother and brother, the filmmaker reflects between family idyll and gardening on the paralysing weight of ownership and the location of identity. Fimmit also features the film Magda fährt Motorrad by Lisa Hasenhütl (AT 2021), with Maya Unger as part of an exceptional cast: to impress her ex-boyfriend, Magda gets a motorbike licence. But she finds driving more difficult than she initially imagined. And if it were, in a broader sense, about taking control of her own life?

Diagonale Collection in the Flimmit subscription: June 11 – July 11


In line with the programme of the Diagonale, recent national films such as VAKUUM (AT/DE 2021) by Kristina Schranz celebrate their online premiere on KINO VOD CLUB, where they are available by subscription until June 20. In her documentary, the filmmaker returns to her homeland, southern Burgenland, and films the first chapters of the pandemic: between spring and Christmas 2020, from the first lockdown – where everyone is on their own, the kindergarten teachers disinfect toys and the baker stands alone in the bakery – to the reopening in summer and the second lockdown.

Also available on KINO VOD CLUB will be one of the most moving US productions of recent years: Give Me Liberty (US 2019) by Kirill Mikhanovsky (screenwriter and director) and Alice Austen (screenwriter and producer). Following its exclusive Austrian premiere as part of the In Referenz section in Graz, the independent film, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2019, is available for streaming. Accompanying the screening, Diagonale offers a virtual discussion with the filmmakers moderated by Alexander Horwath and Marius Hrdy. Alexander Horwath’s invitation to speak at the Franz-Grabner-Preis award ceremony resulted in a three-part ‘talk’, which also includes two special screenings: Give Me Liberty and Hat Wolff von Amerongen Konkursdelikte begangen? (Director: Gerhard Friedl, AT/DE 2004). Both films will be presented in Graz in the section In Referenz.

The KINO VOD CLUB programme is complemented by the festival’s highlights from previous years and an exclusive educational programme for young audiences.

Online premieres: June 11 – 20

Diagonale Collection on KINO VOD CLUB: June 11 – July 11


A programme as a declaration of love to cinema and the eternal search for happiness. A programme as a journey through Austrian documentary cinema – through the night, the parties and also the painful stories behind the images, available on the international streaming platform DAFilms.

Diagonale Collection on DAFilms: June 8 – 22


The day after their premiere at the Diagonale in Graz, the recent Austrian films celebrate their online premieres on the FM4 livestream: in the powerful I Am The Tigress (AT/DE/US 2021), directors Philipp Fussenegger and Dino Osmanovic show us 47-year-old Tischa in every aspect of her everyday life – as fighter, bodybuilder, grandmother or girlfriend. The documentary will be available on the FM4 website on June 10.

On June 11 there will be a double screening: Sophie Bösker’s portrait of her parents during the lockdown, Jesus, Aliens! I think (AT 2021) (It’s not just the yeast dough that’s fermenting here!) and Sebastian Brauneis’ new film 1 Verabredung im Herbst (AT 2021), a beautifully melancholic ensemble story of people falling in and out of love. Marlene Hauser and Lukas Watzl are also part of the Brauneis ensemble: Hauser and Watzl will present at Diagonale’21 both the festival’s opening ceremony on June 8 in Graz, as well as the Große Diagonale-Preisrevue, which can also be watched on the FM4 website on June 13.

Already available for streaming on June 12 is Another Coin for the Merry-Go-Round by Hannes Starz (AT 2021) starring Valerie Pachner and David Öllerer (Voodoo Jürgens): Anna loves her youth, her friends, drugs, parties and music. Enriched by performances from Alicia Edelweiss or Bulbul, Starz’s first feature film is a painful coming-of-age.

I Am The Tigress (D: Philipp Fussenegger, Dino Osmanovic, AT/DE/US 2021)

Thursday, June 10, 8.15 p.m.

Jesus, Aliens! I think (D: Sophie Bösker, AT 2021)

1 Verabredung im Herbst (D: Sebastian Brauneis, AT 2021)

Friday, June 11, 8.15 p.m.

Another Coin for the Merry-Go-Round (D: Hannes Starz, AT 2021)

Saturday, June 12, 8.15 p.m.


Before the festival: on June 7, Ö1 will livestream Oliver Ressler’s Carbon and Captivity (AT/CH/NO 2020) and Alexander Glandien’s The Institute (AT 2020), two extraordinary films on very controversial social issues: in a film divided into four chapters, Oliver Ressler tours a site where the oil industry is testing a CO2 capture technology in collaboration with Norway. Carbon and Captivity is an attempt to make the absurdity of the operation even more visible through cinema. Alexander Glandien’s animated film The Institute (AT 2020) also chooses an idiosyncratic form to convey a potentially uncomfortable message: transgender activist and natural scientist Brigitte Baptiste’s statements on Colombia’s biodiversity and the importance of biodiversity, according to which isolated species must be protected if we want to coexist peacefully.

Carbon and Captivity (D: Oliver Ressler, AT/CH/NO 2020)

The Institute (D: Alexander Glandien, AT 2020)

Monday, June 7, 8.15 p.m.

Große Diagonale-Preisrevue: Kleine Zeitung, FM4 and ORF III

For the first time, the Diagonale award ceremony will be organised this year as a decentralised event. Accompanied by musicians Mira Lu Kovacs and Land of Ooo, hosts Marlene Hauser and Lukas Watzl will accompany the audience during the show, which was organised by a team led by director Sebastian Brauneis: an evening to celebrate cinema, films and television!

Austria’s most important film awards are presented at the Diagonale, first and foremost the Diagonale Grand Prize of the Province of Styria for Best Feature Film and Best Documentary, as well as the Diagonale Innovative Film Prize of the City of Graz.

Große Diagonale-Preisrevue

Sunday, June 13, 8.15 p.m.,, (ORF III) and again on air at 00.10.

Info: the section Canale Diagonale on the website of the Diagonale