Month: May 2021


The extreme realism of Northern Skirts gives way here to an impeccable elegance. And even if we are nostalgic for that suburbia so well depicted in the debut feature by the Viennese director, we have to admit that Mademoiselle Paradis shows a marked personality.


Eroica follows the canons of the Wiener Films, in which elegant costumes and the world of the upper middle class become the main actors. Yet, this important film by Kolm-Veltée shows a marked personality, focuses mainly on the genius of Beethoven and cleverly avoids any possible clichés.


It would be a mistake to classify Megacities as a simple documentary. Megacities is actually much more. Megacities is a journey through the world’s biggest cities, a colourful fresco that tells us in pictures the stories of those who live on the margins of society.


With In the Basement, Ulrich Seidl explores the inner self of the characters he filmed by entering their tidy, impeccable-looking homes, until he reaches their basements. And it is here that each of them finally reveals his or her true nature.


On Saturday, May 15, 2021, the award ceremony of the prestigious Romy Awards 2021 took place. Once again this year, the famous statuette depicting the great Romy Schneider was given to numerous entertainment professionals during an evening presented by moderator Andi Knoll and actor Markus Freistätter. The nominations were announced on Sunday, March 7, 2021.


A mainly contemplative mood is the leitmotif of Der Heideboden. A documentary of undoubted historical importance that, despite its rather elementary mise en scène, is a perfect witness to a bygone era in which cinema could only take on certain connotations. An era whose consequences were felt for many, many years. But also, at the same time, an era in which, despite everything, cinema did not stand still.


Made by ethnographer Rudolf Pöch in 1906, Neuguinea is part of a series of documentaries made in the early 20th century to study different ethnic groups around the world. This is one of the first films produced in Austria after the invention of cinema.