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Lock Down Love – The Movie – produced by Vienna-based Superfilm Filmproduktion GmbH and conceived by director Samuel R. Schultschik – is one of several projects to portray this period of crisis.

A film, a pandemic, many testimonies

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, as we know, many activities had to stop. And the film industry, in this regard, is one of the businesses that has been most affected by this crisis, with theatres closed until further notice and problematic shooting on sets. Yet the desire to create and have one’s say has never been extinguished, prompting many filmmakers to organise themselves in their own way, in order to be able to tell the story of this particular historical moment we are living in. Lock Down Love – The Movie, for example, is one of the many projects to portray this time of crisis, through a series of testimonies from people working in the film industry.

The project, produced by the Vienna-based Superfilm Filmproduktion GmbH, was conceived by director Samuel R. Schultschik and involves the collaboration of anyone who wants to have their say, favouring quality footage and evocative images as precious evidence of a rather alienating era that surprised and stunned everyone.

It will be some time before Lock Down Love – The Movie is released. Yet, in the meantime, numerous artists have already set to work in order to make a choral documentary lasting approximately one hundred minutes. Below, all the info on the project, as stated in the official press release. While waiting to see another precious testimony of this singular historical period, we wish the director and the entire team the best of luck for this new and interesting challenge.

Lock Down Love is intended to be a special project for a special time.

The premise: ‘Short Stories from the Lockdown’ is the creation of a film documentary (approximately 100 minutes), with footage that filmmakers from all over the world produce independently.

A comprehensive collage of all topical and personal impressions and perspectives. The focus is on well-researched and meaningful film footage, with exciting, cinematically sophisticated, powerful and memorable atmospheres. Moments that work even without additional sound, explanations or narration, making this state of emergency an experience for generations after us. Not journalistic-objective but emotional and personal. The project is about the aesthetics of the state of emergency.

The dramaturgical frame and mood of the finished film remain dynamic until the end and develop further with each contribution and each “tale”.

We are already in contact with several artists and bands for the music accompaniment, with whom we are working in parallel on a soundtrack for the film.

Many self-employed cameramen nowadays have professional or semi-professional equipment at home. With this equipment, together with their know-how and a little time, they can produce quality footage on their own without a crew. As an individual team, they are allowed to be outside and for documentary filming contact with other people is not necessary. Recordings and stories should therefore be done by each participant in his or her direct environment and within the now limited range. It is not about walking around town for a long time with a camera! It is about direct impressions of a personal daily life in a state of emergency. Unusual images, unconventional hobbies, etc.”

Info: the website of Lock Down Love – The Movie