Month: March 2020


Hotel sees its greatest strength in a direction made up of static and symmetrical frame compositions, with colours turning mainly to green or red. A power of images achieved thanks to the contribution of the cinematographer Martin Gschlacht, a long-time collaborator of Hausner and co-founder of the production company Coop99.


In Children Below Deck we see a deep sense of guilt that is passed on from generation to generation and that not even the passing years can ever alleviate. But, perhaps, only by facing the past itself – perhaps even through old photographs that slowly take shape on the screen, taking on, at first, the features of a pencil drawing – can one attempt, in some way, to get over it. Or maybe not?



In Electro Moscow, the two directors, perfectly in line with what they wanted to stage, opted for an unconventional directorial approach, where the absolute protagonists are – as one can well imagine – sounds and colours, past and present, which alternate with frenetic rhythms, leaving the audience no time to catch their breath between one scene and the next.