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Starting with the upcoming 70th edition, the Berlinale will have a new, important section. This section is called Encounters and its aim is to keep abreast of the times, focusing on all the new forms cinema is taking all over the world. And, on the occasion of this 70th Berlinale, an Austrian feature film has also been selected as part of this section.

New worlds to be discovered

La Berlinale, si sa, è uno dei festival cinematografici più antichi e prestigiosi al mondo. E se, ogni anno, lo stesso vanta un concorso assai ricco e variegato, è anche vero che il festival presenta al proprio interno una selezione vastissima. Talmente vasta che è praticamente impossibile riuscire a vedere tutti i film anche soltanto di un paio di sezioni per intero. Eppure, nonostante ciò, a partire da questa prossima 70° edizione, come se non bastasse, la Berlinale ha pensato a una nuova, importante sezione. Si tratta di Encounters e il suo scopo è quello di mantenersi sempre al passo con i tempi, concentrandosi su tutte le nuove forme sta prendendo il cinema in tutto il mondo. Ma, nello specifico, di cosa parliamo quando facciamo riferimento a Encounters?

As announced by the Berlinale itself, Encounters is a section that aims to promote aesthetically and structurally brave works by independent and innovative directors. Its aim is to support new perspectives in filmmaking and to give more visibility to different narrative and documentary forms within the fine Berlinale selection.

Conceived as a counterpoint and complement to the official competition selection, Encounters is a competitive section dedicated to new cinematic visions. The selected films will challenge traditional forms and ask spectators to reconsider their attitudes towards them. Being a mirror of the different ways of filmmaking that have developed in the 21st century and reflecting this vibrant energy, Encounters will become a real meeting point for directors and producers, programmers and film critics, cinephiles and simple festival-goers.

Without favouring one genre over another, then, Encounters includes some 15 works – world or international premieres of fiction or documentary films running at least 60 minutes. A three-member jury, for its part, will choose the winners of the Best Film, Best Director and a Special Jury Prize. In short, one of the most important and innovative sections of the entire festival, together with the official competition and the experimental Forum.

And Austria? During this 70th Berlinale, an Austrian feature film has also been selected in this new section: we are talking about The Trouble with being born (original title: Die Last geboren zu sein), directed by young Sandra Wollner, and a co-production between Austria and Germany. A film, this one, which already from a first, brief reading of the synopsis, promises to be very interesting. At the heart of the story, in fact, is the young Elli, who is in fact an android and who lives together with a man she calls father. But, of course, the harmony established does not seem destined to last forever.

And if, during the Viennale 2019, the interesting documentary Robolove – directed by Maria Arlamovsky – delighted everyone – audience and critics alike – we will now watch a fictional feature film dealing with a very similar and incredibly topical issue. Also as part of a prestigious international festival. Also made in an always brave and innovative Austria in terms of film production.

So we wish director Sandra Wollner all the best of luck, and all we have to do is wait another month or so to find out what this new Encounters section has to offer. And we are sure that there will be something for everyone.

Info: the page of Encounters on the website of the Berlinale