Day: October 31, 2019



Spaces are the great protagonists of Ralf’s Colors, directed by Lukas Marxt. Wide-open spaces, which almost convey a strange sense of agoraphobia, together with their striking beauty. Open spaces and unspoilt nature that, from time to time, alternate – in juxtaposition – with images of tall buildings, filmed by the director’s camera almost like a symmetrical abstract composition. At the Viennale 2019.



Sinuous bodies, together with intense close-ups, become the great protagonists of Die Warschauer Zitadelle (made in 1930 by Louise Kolm-Fleck and Jakob Fleck), which, in turn, stands out above all for its stylistic elegance, fluent camera movements and, last but not least, an excellent script that is both romantic and brutal at the same time and not at all predictable, ranking as one of the couple’s most mature films. At the Viennale 2019, within the retrospective dedicated to Louise Kolm-Fleck.