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Essays, interviews and insights into the various aspects, characters and history of Austrian cinema.

This special section refers to particular aspects of the seventh art placed under a magnifying glass. Transversal and, at times, entirely subjective perspectives of what cinema itself has been in over one hundred and twenty years of existence.

The cinema sometimes dealt with in this section is that cinema which, although the product of the genius of Austrian directors, has – for one reason or another – been produced by foreign majors (in the vast majority of cases by US companies). This cinema includes a large number of feature films produced and directed abroad, but set in Austria and which, in their own way, have had great success throughout the world.

This is also the section that wants to deepen the poetry, style and – why not? – even the biography of great figures in the history of Austrian cinema, be they born and grew up in Austria or, in any case, emigrated abroad from a very young age.

This section, finally, gives us the opportunity to learn more about the point of view of those who make cinema firsthand, through interviews and insights.

Within this section there are, therefore, three sub-sections: Essays, Interviews and Austria outside Austria.

In the first section, a focus will be dedicated to the great figures in the history of Austrian cinema. In the second section, we will meet those who wanted to tell us about themselves and their particular and subjective relationship with the seventh art. Finally, the third section will include reviews of foreign feature films that have chosen Austria as their ideal location and, last but not least, insights into those who, for one reason or another, have had to leave Austria to pursue their careers elsewhere.

This section is intended to give insights that go beyond the historiographical discourse or the usual analysis of the feature films covered.

A different way of telling cinema.