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There are many festivals around the world which usually dedicate space to Austrian cinema. These are either well-known film festivals, which generally showcase the most important films, or minor festivals, which often dedicate monographs, retrospectives or simply preview screenings to Austrian filmmakers who are known (or lesser-known) beyond their country’s borders.

As for the first festival category, we must count among them the very prestigious Cannes Film Festival and the legendary Venice Film Festival (the first film festival in the world). And if we think, for example, of film directors such as Michael Haneke, Ulrich Seidl and Jessica Hausner (probably the best known contemporary Austrian directors on the international scene), we can understand how some of them prefer certain events – rather than others – in order to premiere their newest works. While Haneke and Hausner have chosen Cannes for several years now to present their work for the prestigious Palme d’Or, Ulrich Seidl seems to be particularly fond of the traditional Lido event, in which his wife Veronika Franz and his nephew Severin Fiala also took part in 2014.

As for the second category of film festivals, there are – as already mentioned – minor – and lesser known – events that nevertheless offer interesting surprises every time. One festival that usually focuses on European cinema, for example, is Cineuropa Compostela, an interesting and varied showcase of contemporary European films, which runs for an incredibly long time. On the other hand, if we decide to stay in Italy, we must mention the popular Bergamo Film Meeting, which also focuses exclusively on European cinema, and which – in addition to the official competition – stands out for its various retrospectives, divided into different sections. In the past, this small but important event has included complete retrospectives of films by authors such as Jessica Hausner or Barbara Albert, to name but a few.

But, in fact, there are hundreds of film festivals every year, all over the world. In this section, some of the titles presented at film festivals outside Austria.

Below are some of the films presented at international film festivals.

Info: the website of the Venice Film Festival; the website of the Cannes Film Festival; the website of the Bergamo Film Meeting